Electric Underfloor Heating

Which is the right electric underfloor heating system for you?

Chosing the right electric underfloor heating system is depending on many factors: the size of the room and the existing insulation, the flooring below and the flooring you will  have on top, the room layout and heigth. With our different underfloor heating systems we are able to cover nearly every need.


There are 4 main types of systems available - How to install electric floor heating:

  • Underfloor heating Mats for tiles, stone and glued floorings: This is the most common used underfloor heatíng system. It is very easy to install and suitable for most room layouts. The mat simply needs to be rolled out. You can chose between different power outputs (100W/m², 150W/m², 160W/m² & 200W/m²)




  • Underfloor Loose Wire Systems: If your room layout seems to be "difficult" you can use this loose cable system. It's often used in bathrooms or tiny rooms. With this cable we guarantee the highest flexibility but also needs higher installation efforts


Installation Video (undertile)


Installation Video (underwood)


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