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Under tile heating

The best floor coverings for use with underfloor heating are hard surfaces such as stone and ceramic tile as they have the least resistance and transfer heat effectively. As the most thermally conductive of all floor coverings, energy from the underfloor heating system can transfer quickly to the surface of the stone / tile. Increasing the thickness will have little effect on power output, but will slightly increase heat-up times.

Our Ultra-thin heating mats are a “state-of-the-art” kind of underfloor heating system. They do not require the installation of a screed, because they can be easily laid into thin under tile adhesive layer. They are applicable for all types of premises and can be easily installed on a new surface or on an existing floor, especially when it is highly important to keep a low thickness of the floor construction.


Under wood/laminate heating

Our underwood foil heating mats were especially made for the use under laminate and engineered wood floors as a supplementary system for comfortable floor heating. They incorporate a narrow diameter double-core heating cable embedded within a laminated aluminum foil mat to ensure a homogenous heat output. The heating mats are applicable for all types of premises and can be easily installed.  

All mat kits come with a complete installer pack, a floor probe and a choice of thermostats.

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