Aluminum adhesive tape - Gerband 712

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Aluminum adhesive tape - Gerband 712
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Quick Overview
  • Fixation of antifreeze heating cables
  • Better heat distribution on pipelines
  • For aluminum heating mats


Aluminum adhesive tape - Gerband 712

Pure aluminum adhesive tape according to DIN 4102 Part 1 Class A2 and B1, non-combustible, with a very strong adhesive, high-shear-strength polyacrylate adhesive of maximum aging resistance.

It is used for bonding under high temperature loads as well as for cladding, insulation and sealing.

Very suitable for

  • Fixation of antifreeze heating cables,
  • for better heat distribution on plastic pipes
  • for repair and reinforcement of aluminum heating mats


  • Bonding and cladding of aluminum-clad mineral fiber insulation in technical insulation
  • Bonding at high temperature loads and shear forces
  • Insulation against heat and cold
  • Sheathing of pipelines, heating and fresh air ducts
  • Sealing of containers and pipes when welding under inert gas
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Length 50 m
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