Electric Undertiles Heating Cable 12 W/m

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Electric Undertiles Heating Cable 12 W/m
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Quick Overview
  • Double-core
  • Nominal power: 12W/m
  • High flexibility
  • Installation in tile adhesive layer
  • Sizes: 11 m to 155 m

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£ 37.99 £ 37.99
Incl. 20% VAT Incl. 20% VAT


Electric Undertiles Heating Cable 12 W/m

Underfloor heating cables will be used especially for complex room layouts. In comparison to a heating mat, the heating cable is not fixed on a mesh and can be adapted to every room layout. This provides a lot of flexibility.

The heating section can be used either as comfort or direct heating. The heating cable is ultra-thin. Thus it is perfect for the installation in tile adhesive layer .The heating section can be laid under any floor cover of your choice: tile, marble or carpet floors.

Thanks to the proven double-core system, the installation of the heating cable is very easy. The connection will be done only by one line, which means, that a rerouting of a second cold lead to the power supply is not required. The heating sections are made exclusively of high-quality materials by world leading manufacturers.

Please note that for the installation of the heating section a thermostat with an appropriate temperature sensor is required. The temperature sensor is also embedded in the cement mortar. It should be placed in a corrugated tube in the middle of one cable loop. As an option, we recommend one of our four thermostats which combine high functionality and attractive design. Furthermore, for the installation of the heating cable we recommend an assembly tape. This tape grants an evenly heat distribution as you will install the heating cable with constant spacing


    Cable length  
   Possible area with 6cm   
(200 W/m² spacing
   Possible area with 8cm  
(150 W/m² spacing
   Possible area with 10cm  
(100 W/m² spacing
11 m 130 W 0.7 m² 0.9 m² 1.3 m²
18 m 220 W 1.0 m² 1.5 m² 2.2 m²
25 m 300 W 1.5 m² 2.0 m² 3.0 m²
39 m 470 W 2.4 m² 3.2 m² 4.7 m²
63 m 815 W 3.8 m² 5.0 m² 7.6 m²
86 m 1040 W 5.2 m² 6.9 m² 10.3 m²
155 m 1800 W 9.3 m² 12.4 m² 18.6 m²



Additional Information

Technical data table

Voltage 230 VAC
Nominal Power 12 W/m
Max. Operation Temp. 80°C
Min. Operation Temp. -10°C
Min. Storage Temp. -20°C
Min. Installation Temp. -10°C
Min Bending Radius 30 mm
Heating Area -
Cold lead length 3 m
Cable Diameter ~ 3,78 - 5,05 mm
IP Protection Level IP 67
Manufacturer Warranty Lifetime Warranty
Certifications CE
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