Q:     How do I return an item?

A:     Hopefully you won’t need to return any items, however, if you do, it is our aim to make this as simple as possible. By following the guideline below you can help us help you when a product is not what you expected or faulty:

1. Cancellations

You are able to return goods for a full refund within 60 days of purchase. In this instance the product needs to be returned in their original condition, unused and with all manuals. Our returns policy does not affect your statutory rights!

2. Returns within 60 Days of Purchase

Our products are manufactured to the highest quality standards. In the unlikely event goods are found to be faulty within 30 days of purchase please feel free to return them for a full refund or replacement. We are unable to provide this service for products where faults have been caused by accident, neglect, misuse or normal wear and tear.

3. Returns beyond 60 Days

You have the right to return a faulty item within a reasonable period of time. In order to ensure that the return can be processed, please keep all the warranty information that accompanies your item. This will be needed should there be a fault. We are unable to accept products that are outside their warranty period.

4. Delivery Discrepancies / Damaged in Transit

Please check orders carefully on receiving them and prior to signing for them. If you receive an order that has been damaged in transit or if there are any order discrepancies, please notify us within 72 hours or receiving the goods.

Q:      Am I able to amend my order once it is submitted?

A:     Unfortunately, not. Once an order has been submitted, your order is sent immediately to our warehouse to process for delivery. Therefore it is not possible to amend or cancel the order.

Q:      Can you send me a receipt?

A:     A receipt is automatically emailed to you at the time you place your order. This receipt will contain your unique order number and full details of your order.

Q:      How can I contact you?

A:     For getting in touch with us you can either use our “Contacts” page or call us at 01425 204460 (Monday – Friday; 9am to 5pm). We aim to respond to queries within a maximum of 24 hours (Monday-Friday). Generally, we will respond within a matter of hours during a working day though.

Q:      Has my order been successful?

A:     If your order has been successfully placed you will receive an email as confirmation. This email is your receipt from us, too. You will then receive further communication from us regarding the dispatch of your order.

Q:      What is the status of my order?

A:     You can find the status of your order by logging into your account if you created one. We will email you to confirm once your order has been dispatched. This email will contain your delivery information and where possible tracking. If you have any queries about your order before arrival you can contact our customer support team by email on sales@warmfloor24.co.uk for advice.

If you did not create an account you may check your order status by using our “My Order” page. By filling in all requested information you can see all details of your order.

Q:      Is it safe to use my card to make a payment?

A:     Yes, it is safe. A secure payment is guaranteed by an independent payment server which is provided by Sagepay. All card processing is handled individually. Warmfloor24 does not view your card payment details at any time. To help stop internet fraud and to make shopping at Warmfloor24 a safe and worry-free process, the secure payment system has been implemented as part of our commitment.



Q:      Why using underfloor heating?

A:     In comparison to traditional heating sources underfloor heating systems are completely invisible. Furthermore, underfloor heating systems enable you to reduce your heating costs. The underfloor installation of the heating system provides an enhanced surface of heat emission. The close placement to the floor surface ensures quick and optimum warming-up.

Q:      When should testing of the heating mat and sensor take place?

A:     Upon delivery, before installation and after installation.

Q:      How to test the heating mat and sensor?

A:     The resistance of the heating cable and sensor are to be measured using an Ohmmeter. The resistance is measured by placing the cable lead wires to the Ohmmeter probes.

Q:      Can the heating mat be installed in the wall or ceiling?

A:     No, the heating mats have been tested for underfloor heating only.

Q:      What is the electrical power consumption of an electrical heating mat?

A:     The electrical power consumption is the total amount of heating mat power output that has been installed.

Q:      What is the minimum border distance from the wall for calculation and installation of the underfloor heating?

A:     Rule of thumb is to leave a 60cm border along the walls.

Q:      What is the difference between the under tiles premium heating mat and the standard under tiles heating mat?

A:     In comparison to the standard under tiles heating mat, a thinner heating cable is sewn to the premium under tiles heating mat carrier material. Therefore the heating system needs a lower installation height.

Q:      What are the advantages of electrical heating systems compared to warm water heating systems?

A:     An underfloor heating is a comfortable heating source. It offers physical and psychological comfort. Electrical heating systems are only consuming energy when turned on. They are easier to retrofit, install in small rooms and awkward spaces. Most electric systems can be fitted by competent DIY’s. Hiring a qualified electrician to wire the system up is required.

A warm water underfloor heating system requires more installation depth for the pipes. You will need to call in a professional to install a water pipe. The pipes need to be installed beneath the floor (along with the other recommended floor insulation and screed) as well as connecting the floor heating to a boiler, or solar water heating system. The pipe heating circulation pump is on most of the time and consumes a lot of energy.

Q:      When should I choose to use a heating mat or a heating cable?

A:     Our heating cables will be used especially for complex room layouts. In comparison to a heating mat, the heating cable is not fixed on a mesh and can be adapted to every room layout. This provides a lot of flexibility.

Q:      Which thermostat should I choose for which heating mat?

A:     All of our offered thermostats may be used with any of our heating mats. The choice is to be made according to personal preference and cost.

Q:      Can a temperature sensor from another supplier be connected to the thermostat?

A:     No. The temperature sensor is supplied with the thermostat. Should a problem with the temperature sensor occur, please contact us for a replacement sensor.

Q:      Can the temperature sensor be installed directly in the flooring?

A:     No, a flexible temperature sensor installation tube must be used according to our installation instructions so that the temperature sensor may be exchanged in case of need.

Q:      Can the offered tile heating systems be used in wet rooms, for example in a tiled room that has a risk of flooding?

A:     Our customers must determine if the heating mat or cable is correct for their application and are responsible for the installation. The tile heating mats comply with the protection class IP67.

Q:      Are Electric Underfloor Heating systems designed to heat a room or just to keep a floor warm?

A:     Electric Underfloor heating systems are suitable for both purposes.

Q:      Can I install the system myself or do I need an expert?

A:     All of our Underfloor Heating come with a full set of installation instructions, providing a simple step by step guide. Most systems can be installed on a DIY basis. But the final electrical connection should be made by a qualified electrician.

Q:      Can I retrofit Underfloor Heating into my property?

A:     Installation of floor heating is obviously easier within a new build project, but if designed correctly, you can still enjoy the benefits of heating your property using underfloor heat on a retrofit basis.

Q:      Do I need a thermostat?

A:     Yes, to use a thermostat is obligatory.

Q:      Will Underfloor Heating restrict my choice of floor finish?

A:     The correct floor covering should be carefully considered to ensure heat is not prevented from rising into the room by the floor covering. Kindly seek expert advice on floor covering to ensure the best results without restricting the design of your home.

Q:      Is there any maintenance work required?

A:     No. Systems are maintenance free.

Q:      Are floor warming systems suitable for allergic persons?

A:     This kind of heating system is especially suitable for allergic persons. Air movements and turbulences of dust will be reduced. Additionally, humidity will be dried. This will take away the habitat of troublesome dust mites, mould and bacteria.

Q:      Does an electrical heating system lead to a higher pollution by electromagnetic emission?

A:     No, the permissible limits are significantly lower as allowed. An electrical heating system comes to approx. 0.2mT.

For comparing:

a fridge comes to approx. 0.3mT

a microwave comes to approx. 1.3 – 2.0mT

an electric iron comes to approx. 1.9mT

and a mobile phone comes to approx. 2.0mT

Q:      Can the heating conductor be shortened?

A:     No, never cut or shorten the heating conductor!

Q:      Can the cold lead be shortened or lengthened?

A:     Yes, it is possible to shorten or lengthen the cold lead to any length required.

Q:      What is the advantage of a self-adhesive heating mat?

A:     Self-adhesive heating mats are easier to lay because they can be fixed on your ground and will not slip.

Q:      Is it allowed to cut the carrier material?

A:     Yes, it is allowed to cut the carrier material. However, please make sure that you do not cut the heating cable!

                                                 Installation Instructions

Q:      Which heating output do I need?

A:     The required heating output for your underfloor heating depends on different factors. One factor, for example is the heat loss of your rooms. The calculation of your heat loss has to be done by your regional specialist.

Furthermore, the right choice for your heating mat depends on your usage. If you will use your underfloor heating only for your comfort, normally 150W/m² or 160W/m² will be enough. However, if you will use your heating system as direct heating you should use 200W/m² (e.g. for a winter garden).

Q:      What is the installation height of a heating mat?

A:     The installation height of a heating mat is between 1.8mm and 5.1mm. The height depends on the heating mat.



Q:      Can I have my order delivered to a different address?

A:     For sure you can. There is an opportunity for you to enter the delivery address details on the address page of the checkout. Or, if you are registered with warmfloor24, you can add additional addresses in MY ACCOUNT.

Q:      Can I track my order?

A:     Once your order has been dispatched you will receive an email with the courier’s details and your consignment number.

Q:      Can I collect from you?

A:     Currently we do not offer a collection service for any products at all. If you require express delivery on any item, please don't hesitate to contact our customer support or sales team to ask if your chosen delivery date is possible.

Q:      Can I change my delivery address after my order has been placed?

A:     No, unfortunately not. A delivery address cannot be changed after an order has been placed. Please check carefully if your delivery address is right before placing your order.

Q:      How much is delivery?

A:     You will be happy to hear that delivery to mainland UK is free for any order you place on our website. For other countries, please check our shipping cost rates.

Q:      What happens if I am not at home when the delivery is attempted?

A:     All parcels will require a signature on delivery. If no one is at home when the courier attempts to deliver your parcel, a card will be left with a contact number for you to arrange a new delivery date. Please note that all parcels will be returned to us after 7 days.

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