Sizing instructions



Please note: It is not allowed to cut the heating cable. Therefore, you have to calculate the required mat size before ordering!

Step1: Take measures
Sizing Instructions
Create an installation plan for your electric underfloor heating system and outline the areas of static or permanent furnitures in the room.Electric heating mats/cables can’t be installed under furniture and fixed installed fixtures like tubes, toilets, wardrobe, etc.
Keep a minimum distance of 30cm to walls and conductive parts of the building.

Sizing Instructions
Advice: Keeping a distance of 60cm to walls allows you to place permanent furniture afterwards.


Step2: Measure precisely the area to be heated.


Step3: Choose the right heating mat or cable.


A) Select Heating Mat: Under Tiles or Underwood
Select a suitable mat size. If the mat size differs from the measured area, always choose the next size smaller mat.
Measured area of room: 12m²
Calculated area of heated floor: 8,9m²
Selected heating mat: 8m²


B) Select undertiles heating Cable
Choose the right heating section according to the table below:


    Cable length  
   Possible area with 6cm   
(200 W/m² spacing
   Possible area with 8cm  
(150 W/m² spacing
   Possible area with 10cm  
(100 W/m² spacing
11 m 130 W 0.7 m² 0.9 m² 1.3 m²
18 m 220 W 1.0 m² 1.5 m² 2.2 m²
25 m 300 W 1.5 m² 2.0 m² 3.0 m²
39 m 470 W 2.4 m² 3.2 m² 4.7 m²
63 m 815 W 3.8 m² 5.0 m² 7.6 m²
86 m 1040 W 5.2 m² 6.9 m² 10.3 m²
155 m 1800 W 9.3 m² 12.4 m² 18.6 m²

The distance between the heating loops determine the wattage per m²

6cm   = 200 W/m²
8cm   = 150 W/m²
10cm = 100 W/m²


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